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about 1 month ago



A bug in Woodland Mansion Exploring maps
about 1 month ago

Hey there staff, we have been having problems lately related to woodland mansion explorer maps. We were expecting to find a woodland mansion soon so we can get started in building in that area, but the 'dot' that appears on the map have been glitched and isn't showing up anymore. As you know, it is used to locate ourselves on the map. But without it appearing, we have LITERALLY NOTHING to do OR FIND THE PROPER LOCATION in there

So, we hope that the staff will help us in this matter too, As Always,

Redeye Member,



How We Building Nelum Kuluna in Minecraft
about 1 month ago
Nelum Kuluna in Minecraft SL
about 1 month ago
RESOLVED | A piston bug
about 1 month ago 

Can someone fix this bug? Click the link to watch the video

Can't make machines because of this bug.

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